NewsCore 1.3.0 is now available – Whats new.

I just release an update for the NewsCore WordPress theme tagged version 1.3.0. So you may be asking, why should I update? Well this release has a lot and I mean a lot of bug fixes and a few new features.

Some notable ones are:

New megamenu setting.

Some users have expressed the need to disable the category megamenu dropdown on some menu items. I agree and this is now an option in the menu manager.Menus NewsCore 1.3.*

The sidebar is now 5% wide

This means that your ad banners will have not trouble fitting into the sidebar.

More settings in builder elements

Sliders and layout builder elements give you more choice about where they want to get content from.  Here is an example of the content grid slider.

Builder elements - Newscore 1.3.*

Theme Customizer

The theme customizer is now greatly improved and allows you to customize the color of almost every element in the theme live.

Customize Newscore 1.3.*


New Skin and Narrow Layout

Now you can choose a different color profile. I call these skins. Once you have it live on your website, you can then go ahead and customize the color once again using the customizer shown above. You can see the white skin here

Improved Typography Manager

The typography manager available in this version of the theme is second to none. It comes with some presets that you can use to change the main typography and when that is not enough, add some of your own selectors.

typography manager - newscore


If you haven’t  already, you can get the theme here on themeforest.

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