How to mirror a website using wget

GNU’s wget command line program for downloading is very popular, and not without reason. While you can use it simply to retrieve a single file from a server, it is much more powerful than that and offers many more features.

One of the more advanced features in wget is the mirror feature. Here is how to use it to backup an html website of just for offline viewing. Change to your url.
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9 simple ways you can speed up your WordPress load times

Having problems with your WordPress site speeds?

Are you not sure whether it is the internet speeds or your website? Then use Pingdom to test your speeds.

It is important to know because your site speeds affects your Google web search rankings and kills revenue stream since a study shows that people tend click away from the site if it takes time to load.

To avoid the above problems, implement the steps to improve your site speed;

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We are live… finally.

We’re proud to finally announce is live! This is going to be one of the best alternatives in the big market of WordPress themes and plugins. It has been a long and bumpy road, but now we have finally arrived, and would therefore like to thank all our user who have been using and testing our theme over the years for the great feedback they have given us.

The goal of RadiumThemes is to take the fight up with all the big players on the market. We believe themes should be affordable for everyone, that being from the small business to the innovative entrepreneur.

Welcome on board.


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